Gangs On The Rise In Houston Essay

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Gangs on the Rise in Metro Houston Without a doubt, Houston has a growing gang problem according to a recent article in the Houston Chronicle. Gangs are a violent reality and a way of life for many who are seeking acceptance and a means to “fit in”, regardless of the price that must be paid. Many people have their own view as to why gangs are formed and why they exist in our society. One of the main reasons is friendship and they often tell their friend about how “cool” it is to be part of something, to be accepted. Children from poverty, who experience hopelessness, and who are bored and are looking for nice clothes and long to have money think being in a gang can earn them lots of pocket money. Gangs make their money by dealing drugs, forcing people to pay for protection. Television also plays a part in the role to the road of gangs. Many shows on television glorify gangs and are often told from the gang members’ perspective that depicts lots of violence. Teenagers long for acceptance and always think that being in a gang is a solution to all their…show more content…
My personal believe from the African American perspective is that some people may have grown up around a life of crime where parents are gang members or they may think it is cool to be in gangs or being in a gang provides protection. Protection from what? Not exactly sure, but being in a gang gives many a false sense of belonging. Just like African Americans, Latinos are also known for joining gangs. For many, to fit in or be accepted in their “hood” could mean living a life of crime because that is the only way they know to survive. From the power point in class that was discussed, I conclude that lots of African Americans are in gangs. As stated in the article, the metro area of Houston has the most gang members that are active in the community. Gang members are involved in dog fighting, murders, human trafficking and many other illegal things that corrupt our

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