Role Of Gun Violence In Schools Essay

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Steps to Reduce Gun Violence in School There are many steps that can be taken to reduce gun violence in schools; however in order to implement these steps the proper channels have to be contacted. It has been said that it take a village to raise a child. In order for a child to have the right upbringing the parents and the community have to be more involved. Parents as well as the child need to be held accountable for their acts. Not only do parents have to be accountable, the schools need to have a better system in place to insure the safety of our children. There have been things put in place to do so; however there is always room to improve especially when the lives of our children are at stake. Once you have the commitment of the…show more content…
Sometimes parents are to blame, sometimes the neighborhood you live in is to blame, but more recently the derivative of gun violence is the gangs. In the fifties gang were produced to stop the whites from entering the blacks communities to terrorize them. The purpose of the gangs back then was to protect their neighborhood. Now with the gangs fighting for territory and respect it seems like they have become greedy and wanting more power, money and respect. These thing have been achieved through violence most of it through gun play. The gangs have begun to recruit younger and younger to insure its prolonged existence. They have put guns in the hands of minors expecting what they’ve gotten chaos and confusion. Someone, anyone needs to approach these leaders to come to an understanding of what their influence does to these children. For every child gang member killed ten more pop to take his place based on the manipulation of the child feelings about losing a brother, cousin, or friends. A truce will not defuse the situation only putting a bandage on a massive sliced wound. As people no matter what color or race we need to unity against these adversatives to show our children there is a better less violent way to deal with conflict. If this is a community’s problem then the community needs to step up and do its
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