Why Do Juveniles Join Gangs

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Why juveniles join gangs? By: Moni Williams Abstract Juveniles sometimes have trouble finding who they are where they belong in the world. Juveniles join gangs for a number of reasons. All juveniles have their own reasons for joining a gang. Juveniles look for people and groups of people who same their same morals and values of life. Social, economic, and culture factors plays a role in why juveniles join gangs. One of the most common reason for a juvenile to join a gang is to belong. When juveniles join gangs they feel they belong to a family. Food, shelter, and money causes juveniles to turn to gangs. Areas with high gang activity forces/intimidates, (peer pressure), children to join gangs. Less popular juveniles join gangs to become cool or to claim the social letter. Gangs may present themselves as a means of survival to youth who lack basic essentials such as food, clothing and shelter (http://www.gangfree.org/gangs_why.html). Juveniles who live in low-income neighborhoods or poor neighbors join gangs for food, shelter, and money. Some juveniles has the role of taking care their siblings and sometimes the parents as well. The gang provide with drugs or other illegal items to sell for a profit. The juvenile receive cash for doing the job the where told. With the cash they earn they are able to take care of them and their family. They no longer have go hunger or for some eat food out of the trash can. Joining a gang provides survival for some juveniles. When juveniles are homeless they know that when the join a gang their gang brothers and sisters will provide them with a place to call home or lay their head at night and wake up to a hot meal. When juveniles join a gang they want to belong. They are looking for family. Gangs provide juveniles with the family they don’t have at home or for juveniles who are homeless and on their

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