Juvenile Participation in Gangs

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Juvenile Participation in Gangs Often times, when driving through bad parts of towns or major cities, without even noticing, gangs can be found. Many times gangs are not always wearing matching shirts or outfits, or all the same race, but can really just be a group of kids who have nothing better to do. What drives juveniles into joining gangs and what can be done to prevent more gangs from forming? Many times kids join gangs because they have been neglected by their parents or other family members, and because their so called “friends” are doing it and many other reasons. There are so many reasons as to which juveniles can talk themselves into joining gangs. Reasons having to do with family problems or even involvement in the gangs, to friends being there, making money fast and having a sense of “security” when with his or her gang members. One of the main reasons why kids partake in gang activity is because of a neglected feeling from their family. “If young people aren’t getting positive attention from parents, joining a gang certainly provides lots of negative attention. Youth who are angry at a parent may join a gang to shock or be defiant toward the parent”. (nationalconcernedofficers.com). If a family can show their child love and compassion, as well as discipline, that child will grow up and know he is loved by his parents and that they do want the best for him. It may not always be a neglected feeling but it is a major factor. Some times families do not have the best circumstances in living, such as being in rough areas, not having stable jobs, and struggling to afford food and other needs. Another reason kids join gangs, is because they see the “cash flow” that comes along with selling the drugs and holding up gas stations and other stores. According to nationalconcernedofficers.com, when they speak about money, they say: “Many youth join

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