How to Prevent People from Joining Gangs?

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How to Prevent People from Joining Gangs? Many parents and people wonder or worry how to prevent kids from joining a gang. Some people do not even know what gang is, everybody has their own way to explain the meaning in a unique way. describes a gang as “a group of youngsters or adolescents who associate closely, often exclusively, for social reason, especially such a group engaging in delinquent behavior.” Gangs are a very serious problem and legal guardian play a key role to make sure their youngster does not become a part of a gang. The absence of parents who work too many hours and do not pay attention to their child’s life, practically they leave the streets to raise them. It is essential for parents to participate in the most complicated times of a child’s life in their teenage years, during this time of life many kids end up joining a crew. Gangs use children because they know that whatever the child under thirteen does, they cannot go to jail. Adolescents who are engaged in life and have enjoyable relationships with their legal caretaker are more likely to do well in school, have better social skills, and have lower rates of risky/delinquent behaviors than their peers. Caretakers, schools and communities have a strong impact on the choices that a child makes. In United States gang activities grow every day; right now, according to the most dangerous gang in United States is MS-13. “There are 1.4 million gang members in United States,” and “as high as 150,000 MS-13 members have spread across the world like a virus and now inhabit even the farthest reaching areas of the land,” ( Gang members will wait on street corners, in front of stores and even at the local malls, just to try and recruit new kids. That is why it is very important to investigate the violence in children’s school. The gang is not just

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