Commercial Hip Hop Effect

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Andre Green Culture & Society TR 9:25 October 22, 2009 A. Effect of Commercial Hip-Hop on the Black Community B. The Effect of Commercial Hip-Hop Has Been Devastating C. Issues of Hip-Hop D. In recent times, the Black community has been declining from a society’s standpoint. This decline is partly due to the major influence of hip-hop on today’s youth. This is an issue that continues to grow and is only getting worse. Every time you turn on the television or pop in a compact disc, the main theme of that piece is promoting sex, drugs, crime, and money. Since children have better access to such outlets as television and the internet, it seems…show more content…
These codes resembled the lives of gang bangers. Several points in the piece that could have easily contributed to the influx of violence among young teens are: a) all new Jacks to the game must know that he will get rich, will go to jail, and will die; b) rats or snitches are not allowed in the community and must be dealt with; c) the boys in blue, or police officers, do not run anything and the gang controls the hood; and d) they should be a real ruff neck. When these ideas embed the minds of young Black males, they are hard to control. At the time, and even now, Tupac Shakur has been an influential figure in the hip-hop community. So if he is promoting such codes, it is not long before others follow. Moreover, if everyone else is following these codes, it would be a very tough situation for someone to contend. There seems to be a sense of pride that has been bred from the influence of hip-hop. Every young Black male, at some point in life, wish to embrace the role of a gangster. Consequently, animosity builds up towards Black people. This is where the concept of “black on black” is introduced. Since crime is so glorified in hip-hop, many teens do not know how to swallow their pride and look the other way in fear of being labeled a
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