Black Crime In The Hip Hop Industry

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“Black on Black Crime in the Hip Hop Industry” Black on black crime is the biggest issue that lives within the hip hop community. The problem these days is that people are so worried about what everybody thinks about then rather than just living life to the best of their ability. You got people hating on whose got more money, who’s selling crack on which corner, or who can pull more “bitches”. The music that is around for young children to see is outlandish. Nobody cares about what car’s you drive anymore, or about how much money you have. There are people out here going through real life struggle and all they want to do is argue and kill each other. It’s sad that they don’t see the images they are portraying to our younger youth. I wish that REAL hip hop still existed. I love hip hop artist such as Mos Def, Talib Kweli, KRS 1, Nas, and Busta Rhymes. Now you got men degrading women, women degrading themselves, selling sex, drugs, and so many more error’s in the black community. The debate with rapper Nelly at Spellman College was by far so…show more content…
These people that label their selves as “nigga” but if a person who is not of color is to use it we are racist. Isn’t that a double standard? How is it ok for you to say it but we are not allowed without being called a word that a lot of people overlook….Racism will always exist until people of color stop killing each other. I read an article called “salute to all gangbangers” written by a black man about black on black crime. Everyone in the south was in an uproar because they thought the KKK had written it. When people realized a man of color wrote it they were baffled. People of color need to stand up and stop letting racism within their own community exist and eliminate them quicker than they can live their childhood

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