Marketing Strategy for Pinnacle Vodka

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1 Branding Strategy 2 Dessert flavored Pinnacle Vodka offers their consumers a chance to relax and indulge in delciously sweet cocktails. Because Pinnacle targets a younger consumer market, their strategy needs to rely on innovationi and uniqueness with the ability to capture the essencce of a good time with friends and family. Not only are those core values necessary, but today's youth require constant and changing stimulation to keep their interests. Therefore, Pinnacle adheres to their consumer needs and wants by continuing to proliferate their vodka flavors and building brand value with each introduction. Beam Inc.'s General Manager, Deb Boyda noted, “We had the chance to create an iconic integrated brand campaign from the ground up focusing on the fun of the product (Brazzier).” The vodka line's branding strategy positions the array of flavored vodkas as a way to add to a fun, playful, and congenial atmosphere when being consumed. “It comes in lots of flavors and its drinkers come in even more. Because Pinnacle® Vodka is anything but exclusive. Everyone is invited, and your name is always on the list (About),” the brand explains. The brand's campaign, “It's More Fun When Your On Top,” caters to a sociable, fun, unique moment in time that everyone is privy to. As one of the first flavored vodka lines to enter the market and with its strong brand strategy, Pinnacle propels itself above their direct competitors. Why would Pinnacle Vodka be interested in delving into the edible dessert product fragment? Pinnacle already positions itself as a fun flavored liquor with a campain tag line, “When You're On Top Dessert Always Comes First” and by incorporating names such as Pinnacle Sherbert Sunrise, Pinnacle Birthday Cake, and Pinnacle Banana Split ectera ("When You're On Top You Love to Mix It Up"). It would be an easy transition into the dessert

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