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Carmen De La Cruz Professor Stephanie Hartley WAC 101 September 22, 2013 Famous Footwear has aired a new commercial “Little Victories”. This commercial caught my eye because it has a very clear intended audience: parents. . Emotional cues are used to draw parents in at the beginning while illustrating an emotional connection between shoes and the joys of parenting. The commercial obviously portrays this through the imagery, the narrating, and the family dynamics. When the scene opens for the “Little Victories” commercial the first thing you here is a soft rhythm. This is then followed by a glimpse of a pair of shoes, the scene quickly translates to a child learning to ride his bike. Right off the back the commercial creates an image…show more content…
The word choice used in this commercial is specifically aimed to pull at the heart strings of parents. In the middle of the commercial the narrator begins to throw out words that correlate to the scene that is taking place. Words such as “smile”, “connection”, “confident glow”, and even a simple “thanks mom”, are used to depict everyday occasions that are made possible through the purchase of the right pair of shoe. The words may to seem to be that strong but it’s something every parent wants from or to share with their own kids. At this point, the parent or viewer almost feels obligated to buy the right pair of shoes for their children so they too can experience the subtle yet memorable moment. The narrator is a women with a soft and reassuring voice. When the commercial first opens up the voice allows you to relax and actually listen being that the narrators voice is not an in your face, load type. The narrator also has a mature and calm voice clearly showing the targeted audience. The music that is used in this commercial is also intriguing to the viewer because it starts off as just a simple beat. As the commercial proceeds more instruments are added to the beat while the commercial its self is also adding meaning to its story. As you watch the commercial you don’t immediately notice the music crescendo but it does play a part on how you feel the story. The overall design and detailing of this commercial help the viewer draw in and stay drawn. As a result, this commercial leaves you with a lasting impression, tender

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