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The Kite Runner As the “smartest” of all my brothers and sisters, I would always have to go above and beyond because of my parent’s high expectations of me. In The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, Amir has a hard time getting his father, Baba, to approve of his personality, his sensitivity, and his hobbies. The experiences between Amir and I relate in many ways because we constantly have to prove a point to our parents for them to approve of us. In The Kite Runner, Amir wants Baba to focus all his attention on him. Amir refers to Baba’s orphanage and then he says “sometimes I wished they’d all died along with their parents.” He says this because Baba spends a lot of his time and effort on his successful orphanage and not enough time with Amir, and he…show more content…
When I came to City Honors, the curriculum was a lot harder so my grades began to get lower, and my parents didn’t approve of this. They did not understand that at City Honors, their work is different then other schools and the low grades were common amongst a lot of kids that were new to the school. So I would have to study hard and get extra help for my grades to go up and when they did my parents began to commend me on my work. Also, my mother loves to wear dresses and girly clothes but, I on the other hand, love to wear jeans and a tee-shirt. She is never happy when I get a new pair of sneakers with an outfit to match, but I have a fetish for new sneakers! As I am growing older I begin to wear shoes and clothes that make’s me look more like a presentable young lady and my mom is very fond of the new me. She compliments me when I get dressed and she always asks me to go places with her, which I love, but I would have loved it more if she would have been satisfied with how I preferred to dress

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