Best And Worst Of America's Presidents

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The Best and Worst of Americas Presidents Throughout U.S history there have been many good presidents and also many bad presidents. I believe that presidents should be graded on how they handle the economy, foreign policy, and equal rights. From our first president to our current president those I believe are the three most important grading points. A good economy is very important because it gives people a better living by giving them job opportunities and a way for people to make money. Foreign policy is important because it has a lot to do with the trade, technology, and communications of the United States. Also by nations working together global problems can be fixed easier. Equal rights are important to the U.S because it shows that everyone has the same rights including: black people, white people, Asian, men and woman, ect. A bad president would make the economy go down, not believe in equal rights and have a bad foreign policy. The best president in U.S history I believe is Abraham Lincoln. Abe Lincoln deserved to be the best president because he led his country through the civil war, abolished slavery by issuing the emancipation proclamation, and by issuing the emancipation proclamation the north gained British support. Abe created an economic development program, which began when the country was bankrupt and made the United States the world’s greatest industrial power. I believe that the 2nd best president is George Washington. Washington led the revolutionary war which began the birth of a new nation which goes under foreign policy, helped with the constitution that had much to do with equal rights, and dealt with the whiskey rebellion. Also Washington set the standards for all of the other presidents which was very important. The 3rd best president based off my criteria is Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy built the Panama Canal, built up the navy,
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