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Throughout the course of history, different viewpoints were presented and brought to major conflicts. Similar to the conflicting views of the Colonies and the British Parliament, the federalists and the Jeffersonian Republicans both contradict each other concerning in domestic and foreign policies. Policies such as the Alien and Sedition acts of 1798, Strong/ Weak federal government, the importance of manufacturing/ agriculture, etc were compelling factors that drove the government into two parties. While the opposing sides had disagreements, their common goal was to provide equal rights for citizens. However, due to the methods presented for American success, each party contradicted their opinions on the common man, democracy, and the constitution which foreshadows a great unstable nation. The viewpoint of the common man, perceived by the federalists and the republicans, split a rift between two oppositions. The federalists supported the rich and wealthy people so they could grow and trickle down their prosperity to the lower classes. Alexander Hamilton believed that the rich and prosperous should handle the nation due to the majority of the first class being well educated. He points out that while his population of supporters had the resources and knowledge to run the government, the lower classes basically had small or no resources at all. Hamilton also expresses the future of the nation by emphasizing the necessity of manufacturing. His plan would’ve been a success due to the business and industry becoming a major importance during the 18th-19th century. (B) He stresses not only that the rich are responsible for the prosperity of manufacturing, but also the outcome of this nation. Hamilton also presents that nations should be responsible for these basic supply, and would result in various means of survival for the nation. However, the Republicans saw that the

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