Essay On What Happened After The Civil War

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It was 1861 when the war started between the Confederate States of America (“The Confederancy”) and the federal government (“The Union’). But which are the reasons that push these two groups to a war? Was it really necessary? And what happened after the war? In this essay I will explain these questions looking what happened before, during and after the civil war. Before the war start these two groups have very big differences mainly in their economies. After the war for their independence the economy developed very quickly in these two groups and also the nation start to expand their territories from east to west. The expansion of the territories was a good opportunity to develop capitalism and industry quickly there. But this movement made…show more content…
Abraham Lincoln promulgated two laws “Homestead Act" and “Emancipation Proclamation”. The first declare the ownership for the people that work in the land and the second is declaring the freedom of slaves in ten states. And later he declared that everyone was equal, with this laws the Northern army grow up very quickly because hundred of persons that obtain their freedom join to the army. With this new impulse The Northern (Union) defeated Southern (The Confederate) army in 1865. After the war the United States develop very quickly the capitalism because it created a stable political environment and also black people obtained freedom, and it represented a very good labor force for the development of capitalism. Conclusion, the Northern states won the Civil War. The Civil War was the war with more causalities in the history of United States because the causalities combined was at least 620,000 dead. After the war the United States develop a very strong economy using the capitalism. The slavery was abolish in United
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