How Far Should the Outcome of the Korean War Be Seen as a Triumph for the Usa?

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After the overwhelming battle in Korea, starting in 1950, the war between North Korea, China and patron state USSR against South Korea and patron state USA finally ended in a ceasefire in June 16th 1953. It can be argued that the USA was the successors of the Korean War due to significant military and political success. However, the USA also faced great negative impacts from the war politically and militarily which can challenge the view of the USA triumph. It can be argued that the US was the victors of the Korean War because of their military success. Primarily the US goal was to defend South Korea from the invasion of North Korea, June 1950. This goal was achieved by the Inchon Landing 1950, which helped Republic of Korea (ROK) to recapture their capital Seoul, by not only pushing the North Koreans back past the 38th parallel (which the Korea was divided from)but to the borders of Manchuria. Therefore successfully defending ROK as well as conquering the North, regaining control of Korea clearly illustrating USA’s victory in the war. Military success was also seen in numbers of casualties. During the war, the US has increased in defence spending. US navy ships rose from 600 to 1000, air force increased from 42 wing groups to 72. Which also helped the US to be equip itself to be the ‘World’s police officer’ This shows how the US military gained a lot of money from the War benefiting them in war, as they were better armed. As a result this raised more businesses to profit from more defence weapons as they were popular in demand (‘the military-industrial complex). Therefore the money raised helped the American economy and living standards which hence shows how the Americans could be seen as the successors of the War. However, although the USA has military success, they also faced a lot of consequences from the war leading to military failure, which challenges the
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