Civil War Research Paper

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Marlo Rosales December 13, 2013 American Civil War The civil war is one of the most important history events of the United States of America. The civil war was a war between the United States and The Confederate States. There were many factors that led to the outbreak of the civil war but the main factor was slavery. The northern states were basically the modernize states of the time. Their economy basically functioned by its industry. The northern states produce a lot of manufactured goods that were made in factories. There goods were trade to other countries especially new England. With invention of machines the northern states based their economy in a totally new way. Slavery was also abolished and an industry of jobs began. The southern states were the opposite of the northern states. The northern states based their economy on slaves because they did all the work. Basically if you owned a slave you could own a farm without doing nothing but sending your slaves to work and do everything for you. The southern states produced…show more content…
Thanks to the American Revolution we are still an independent and successful country. The American Revolution created the most powerful country in history and it influence the whole world. The civil war was also one of the most important events in history because we won the freedom of millions of people that have lived in the U.S ever since the end of the civil war. Both of these wars were two of the first modern warfare wars in the history of the world. The conflicts and solutions of these two events are a great philosophical and emotional impact that still continues to influence many people. These two events can be compared in various ways but the most important thing is the solutions that both brought to America. The solution of both events was to keep the United States of America together with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of
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