Legal lynchings and the Quock Walker Case

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October 4, 2008 PAS 305 Midterm 1. Legal lynchings, a term used to describe how the American government was capable of prosecuting so many Africans within the United States. White Americans used the government in order to maintain white dominance in fear of black dominance or revolt. They created laws to ensure slavery, and constantly tried to instill fear into Africans. 2. While there are many reasons to prevent slavery from being abolished, maintain the social order and economic gain are possibly two of the strongest reasons to keeping slavery. White Americans do not need any more competition in their lives, and with freed slaves this would create less jobs, money, or political strength within the colonies. Whites must keep their superiority in order to maintain status quo. Men are entitled to own slaves and this right has always been protected. Allowing the Africans to become free would disrupt our county’s progression. Moving forward is a priority for a strong economical country. According to a New York Bureau of accounts report, “It would be wise to permit colonists, and other farmers to import as many Negroes as they could purchase for cash, assist them on their farms, as these slaves could do more work for their masters, and were less expensive than hired laborers.” Slaves provided cheap labor, which left big promises for a booming economy. With the ideas of slavery many men will become and remain profitable and money will only benefit our society and allow the United States to grow. Supporting slavery will be in the best interest of our nation, to prevent mass corruption from freed slaves, and to leave our new country strong and profitable. 3. A. The drafters of the Declaration of Independence would explain the spirit of their language to be natural and correct as they intended. All men were created equal and reserved the rights to

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