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Tutorial 3 – Chapter 2 Social Responsibility & Ethics In-class tutorial activity 1: Ongoing Semester Case Study – Businessville Hotel. The Beijing Businessville Hotel has been set up and the newly appointed Manager wants to furnish the hotel. His brother is a furniture dealer and tells the Manager he can get really good furniture from a friend in another country, and will give him a 40% discount on the order. The Manager is pleased and asks where the furniture is from and who is selling it. His brother says he cannot tell him that, but he knows it is good, new furniture. Review the legal and ethical issues and develop an argument that the hotel manager should or should not buy the furniture at a discount price from an unknown source. In-class tutorial activity 2: In 1977 Leon Sullivan, a black minister from Philadelphia and a board member of General Motors, drafted a set of principles for investment and operation in South Africa by United States companies. The code was an attack on apartheid through the morality of American investors, corporate directors and managers. According to the code, it was required that black workers in South Africa received equal pay, opportunity, facilities and respect and their living conditions were to be improved. The stability of the South African government, the cheapness of black labour, the natural resources of the country and the expanding market for American products in a nation of 28 million people were powerful incentives for over 300 United States companies to operate there. Perhaps a little surprisingly, many United States companies voluntarily adopted the code, thereby lessening their profits but keeping their investors happy and their image clean. Critics argued that the code allowed apartheid to continue with sanitised American support. Eventually more people agreed with this sentiment and a deadline of 1987
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