How Did the Colonies Come Together to Ratify the Constitution?

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The prospect of a newly structured government helped to make the ideas and people strive for greater and better things, allowing them to overcome, for the first time, great differences for the good of the new government. The idea of people working together to form a new system was original, one that for the first time was going to please all and exclude few. Every person played a role in the economy and politics of the New World. The slaves had a huge role in the New World, they were the workers and backbone of farming and agriculture. The woman’s part in society was growing rapidly. They began to take action and fight for the rights they wanted. For example Anna Hutchinson was the first woman to preach religion outside of the established church. Everybody played a role in the development of the new government, economy and politics. The value of work was so great at this time, and probably the biggest contributing factor that helped bridge the divides. The value for slaves in the south was huge because of the weather and conditions they could withstand. In the northeast the agriculture was not as bountiful due to geographical conditions, the north began to have a booming commercial economy. The industrial economy played large parts in the port cities. Every tax directly affected the economy, and affected the workers and merchants; it had a chain effect that controlled every aspect of the world. And as so at every level people needed to work together for their own good as well as the greater good. The geographical differences were enormous in the northeast, northwest, and south. In the South, rich soils were great for farming, however in the north the dry soil and colder weather made it harder to farm. Rivers and ports throughout the northeast were the south’s only option for export and profitability. The New World played a role in the trade, but also in the
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