Why Was the Republican Party so Successful in Presidential Elections in the Years 1968-88?

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Why was the Republican Party so successful in Presidential elections in the years 1968-88? There are many reasons why the Republican Party was so successful in the Presidential elections in 1968-88 such as election strategies, finance, personalities, successes as Presidents, and the weakness of Democratic contenders. However the main reason for the success of the Republican’s was due to the economy as this was a very important factor for the American people so if the economy was good then they would vote for the party that improved the economy, but if the economy was bad then they would vote for the opposite party. The economy was of great importance for the Republican’s success from 1968-1988 as depending on the state of the economy this would determine which party the Americans would vote for. During this time period, the Republican presidents managed to obtain a good economy and managed to improve it which would lead to more Republicans being elected in the future. The economy was an important reason for why Nixon got re-elected in 1972 as from 1971, he pursued a New Economic Policy which temporarily froze wages and devalued the dollar which was a popular policy and gained a 75% approval rating. This would have meant that the workers would have voted for the Republican’s as they would have wanted a high value for the amount of money that they earned. In 1980, Jimmy Carter was defeated and the economy would have played a big role in this loss as 63% of Americans felt that inflation was the biggest concern and Carter tried to decrease government spending but this was unpopular with Congress and Labour Unions. Because of this, there was 8.2% unemployment in 1980 which would have been unpopular with many American citizens and if the economy was better there would have been a greater chance of Carter being re-elected, but as the economy was bad many Americans
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