The Media's Effects on the Presidential Elections

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The media has had a great impact on the recent presidential elections. It is the most important and influential factor when determining who to vote for. The media has both positive and negative effects, it can make somebody look like a heroic person who is ready to lead the country no matter what happens, and it can also someone look like a babbling moron who has no clue about anything. The two main types of media that affect the election are paid advertising and news reporting. Paid advertising is when a presidential candidate pays to broadcast his message to the American people. Its affects are fairly obvious, they will almost always increase support for that candidate and decrease support for the opposition. Therefore, whoever has the most money will end up ahead. News reporting has varying effects on presidential elections. The positive side is that for the most part, new stations will broadcast the truth. This helps insures that the people know the true pros and cons of the two major candidates, instead of just the paid advertising. News reporting also has adverse effects, they tend to only display and talk about the democratic and republican parties and thus only show two or even only one side on a specific issue. This can be extremely bad for the American people. If the people don't know all the different potential solutions, how can they be expected to choose the best one? Overall the media has a negative effect on the elections. It allows people with money to dominate in the polls. News stations, while true, don't give all the facts. When one in five Americans thinks that the Sun revolves around the Earth, not knowing the facts can be a major

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