How Far Do You Agree That the Personal Popularity of Hitler Was the Main Reason for the Increased Electoral Support for the Nazi Party in the Years 1928-1932?

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How far do you agree that the personal popularity of Hitler was the main reason for the increased electoral support for the Nazi party in the years 1928-1932? In 1928-1932, the Nazi party had a huge increase in support. By 1932 it had the largest support for the people than any other party. Hitler himself had an impact on the popularity of the party, he had great public speaking skills and could be very persuasive, and this boosted the popularity. However this was not the only factor that increased the electoral support for the Nazi party. The main reason why the party got an increase in support was because of the weakness of the Weimar republic allowing Hitler to promise a better Germany and more jobs for everyone else. To an extent the popularity of Hitler gave the party many voters. Hitler was seen as a strong leader and was excellent at public speaking and was very persuasive to many people mainly women and the youth of Germany. Hitler would tell the country what they wanted to hear, one example was providing jobs as unemployment increased massively. He also became more popular after he led the campaign against the Young Plan; this reduced the reparations that they had to pay in 1929. All the actions that Hitler made boosted the electoral support for the Nazi party. To an even larger extent than the popularity of Hitler himself came the great depression in 1929 as a result of the Wall Street crash in the USA. The Nazi party took advantage of this in Germany, as the Weimar government weakened the Nazi party rose. This was because the great depression hit Germany hard and led to a mass of unemployed German people. The German people stopped supporting the Weimar government and looked at Hitler as a way out from this. The Nazi party 25-point plan seemed to be able to help all types of German people including peasants and businessmen; the Nazi’s used the public
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