How Did Theodore Roosevelt's Impact On The Great Depression

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Ryon Douglas Mrs. Steacker Per.3 Eng. 10 10 May, 2012 Draft Why Did Theodore D. Roosevelt has such an impact on the Great Depression? Roosevelt’s plan was The New Deal was simply a group of federal programs in which the unemployed were returned to work via government funded jobs. Some of his achievements were National Parks and building up Naval Power. Roosevelt had a great impact on America by changing the relationship between the national government and the people changed drastically. The government took on a greater role in the everyday social and economic lives of the people. Theodore Roosevelt had a great effect on the great depression because he happened to be the right guy at a very bad time. Roosevelt had a plan called the New Deal to help America back on its feet. The New Deal programs of FDR created a liberal political alliance made up of labor unions, blacks and other ethnic and religious minorities, intellectuals, the poor, and some farmers. These groups became the…show more content…
The government became more involved I the social lives of the people. He advocated and helped pass the Meat Inspection and Food and Drug Acts. “People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives,” (Grapes 56). This shows how much he pushes to make America a better place. The government also becomes more involved with the economics of the American people as well. The government became more involved with the new deal and that led to their involvement in “Big jobs usually go to the men who prove their ability to outgrow small ones,” (Grapes 21).This quote shows the hoped/ actual results of the government involvement. Although it still affects the U.S. today Roosevelt help the U.S. by getting the government more involved with the people and in turn improved the Great

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