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American Ideals Essay The United States of America is known today for freedom and equality. This country didn’t travel the easiest road to become this way. America went through many tough times and many flourishing times. America had its ups and downs, but that is what made it the nation it is today. There is many eras that America went through that tell you a lot of how it is the nation it is today. America has ideals that it follows, they are stated in many documents and is known worldwide. If you want to have freedom, equality, or justice, you turn to America. America is on its way to reach the final goal of a total idealistic nation. America is on a road to become an even greater nation and focus on the American Ideals that runs this…show more content…
The US has become a major world power in the late 19th century because we have created so many things to become industrialized. Many people came into the cities because there were many jobs available so the city growth increasingly populated. Working conditions of these jobs where horrible. The populists seen this and tell the world about the small farmers problems. Carnegie seen that the rich becoming more rich will help the economy prosper and become better. The political machines saw the immigrants were not getting the basic needs of life; they helped with what they could. Upton Sinclair wrote the jungle that exploited the food production, this caused laws to be created when the world learn what they are. Along with change in food production there was change in beliefs. People believed in Social Gospel or Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism changed the beliefs in business world to be survival of the fittest. Social Gospel was the belief for everyone to work together, like the poor who were aided because of this belief. The capitalists wanted total control over the workers. They thought of everything they can to protect themselves. They changed the workers beliefs and culture through Americanization. The workers couldn’t do anything from their culture everything had to be American. The capitalists thought of everything to even lower prices. They created an assembly line. Perfect example is that…show more content…
American went through some tough times and some good ones. America has worked very hard to be the best it can be. Throughout the years America became a nation, went through war, reconstructed, industrialized, imperialized, went through war again, prospered, declined, and then rebuilt themselves. This nation proves over and over again that they believe in liberty, democracy, rights, opportunity, and equality. America is an amazing nation that is on the road to become something even greater. This nation has all the standards of a superior nation. People should be proud if they are a part of The United States of

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