American Exceptionalism Essay

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American exceptionalism is widely viewed as one of the greatest countries to live in, why? Well there are many things that make our country the United States of America great and I feel like many people would agree with me on that. Firstly a reason why America is a great country in a lot of people’s eyes are because we have such diversity here that there are literally people from all over the world that come to America. Secondly we have extremely good medical practice here in the United States; one of the best there is no questions asked. Thirdly and most importantly what makes America great is the freedom we have. “Our Diversity in America collection takes a good look at what it means to be “American” and examines the rich heritages that make up our country. Each culture provides its own special and irreplaceable contribution to our understanding of America today. From Asia to Europe to Africa to Latin America, some 128 articles trace each nationality’s broad history and important contributions to the American way of life. Castillo 2 Diversity in America not only presents a host of intimate snapshots of culture and heritage, but documents the struggles of nationalities to integrate into the “melting pot” society of America, and highlights the strength and integrity of various cultural leaders and thinkers.” So if you don’t think that diversity in America is not very important think again because we are a country of diversity. That’s what makes America the way it is and that is the way it has always been. Even back to when America was being colonized there was diversity with Native Americans, Europeans, Mexicans, and Latin Americans. Another reason why American exceptionalism is viewed as good is because we have extremely good medical care here. Here in the United States we have
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