The American Popular Culture

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The American Popular Culture America has varied culture. It mixes up a lot of elements from different cultures, in which British culture has most important influence because of colonization. Some people call American culture a big melting pot. Also some others liken it to a salad because all the ingredients in it almost stay the same and it is the salad dressings that make the taste different. Owing to the reform and opening-up, our country nowadays has been influenced by western culture to a certain extent. American culture is one of the most influential because America exports its culture, especially popular culture, through a number of media. And American popular culture has especially deep influence on the teenagers. So most of us are familiar with or fond of American popular culture like music, TV, movies, dance, sports, fashion, cultural idols and so on. Some people may think that American pop culture lacks depth and wouldn’t be popular for long. They are also afraid that it may have a bad effect on the youth. We must admit that there are some pop cultural products that are superficial indeed and soon are forgotton. But we should not ignore that some are still popular from generation to generation. And they finally become classical. In my opinion, American popular culture has some positive features. For instance, it takes in various cultural elements and advocates the individuality as well as spirit of innovation. It is those features that make it one of the most-sought-after cultures all over the world. Then what should we do with the American popular culture? Firstly, we need to make our own judgment. Don’t just go with the crowd. Keep ourselves from the negative things in it. Secondly, while we enjoy the amusement that American popular culture brings us, we should also pay special attention to those things which motivate it to develop. Try to
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