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The United States of America When we say the word America, we have already imagined a land of freedom and opportunities. Many have different beliefs, views and opinions about the United States of America. Some dislike it and believe it is corrupted, and some come here to start a new life and love what it has to offer. However, despite different opinions and critics, United States of America is one of the greatest countries in the world because it offers people many chances and careers other countries don’t, it gives people an opportunity to grow. One of the most interesting things about this country is its traditions and customs, from the food they eat, to the way they celebrate their holidays, and America wouldn’t be the same without…show more content…
Christmas is the jolliest day of the year. The excitement begins as early as when malls open for Christmas sales and specials, a swarm of people shopping for gifts. Wrapping presents, spending quality time with their family members, and watching the famous Christmas movies are few of the things an average American would do around the holiday season. One of the most fascinating things that happen during Christmas in America is the tree lighting. For example the huge (69 to 100 feet tall) Christmas tree that gets lit in Rockefeller Center, New York City, every year is something many people watch from all over the world. Also the most important and interesting hero on Christmas is Santa. For children he is like a magic man who can make their dreams true. According to the article “Christmas in the United States of America” an author told that Santa Claus was born in US and in 1860’s he was named this, because he had a white beard and belly. Also, he told to the readers that Santa has two homes in the United States, one is in Torrington, Connecticut, where Santa and his helpers give out presents. The other home is in Wilmington, New York, where a village for Santa and his reindeer is located. Moreover, for religious people this holiday means the birth of Jesus. For example, in the video “Christmas Becomes a Holiday” an author talked about that scientists assumed that 2000 years ago precisely in December 25th Jesus…show more content…
Everyday, thousands of songs are being played on the radio, listened to and downloaded. Pop, Country, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Rock and rap are a few music genres that are popular in the Unites States. Americans spend millions of dollars each year to watch their favorite singer perform live. There are many successful worldwide known music stars that are from the United States, like Britney Spears or Lady GaGa for example. American artists are reported the most successful and wealthiest in the world. No wonder United States is called the land of opportunities. In conclusion, everyone can agree that United States is a very interesting country and what captures my attention the most is its customs and traditions. No other country in the world has so many different holidays and different foods. I think that America is truly one of a kind because not only does it offer many chances for people to start a new life, it is also different from every other country due to its customs and traditions. In my country, Uzbekistan, we don’t celebrate as many holidays as an American person would celebrate, which is exciting for me to take a part and learn about a new

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