How Did The American Dream Affect Society

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Jacob Wagner 10/20/10 Q1 In the early 20th century America had entered what is commonly referred to as the industrial revolution. Big business boomed in America due to lax laws and an overabundance of raw minerals. Two of the most abundant resources in America were iron ore and oil. Because of the large amount of resources many new inventions that are still in use today were ether created or refined. Many resources that America has now were discovered/made useful during the industrial revolution. Long before Americas set foot on what is now present day America; Native Americans used crude oil for medicine and fuel. In the 1840’s Americans started to make kerosene out of these crude oils to light lamps. The man accredited with finding out how to make crude oil and…show more content…
“That” is the American dream. Most people viewed America as the land of opportunity thus traveled from every place on the globe to be part of it. The American dream affected society, politics and very thing in between. The American dream was and still is the betterment of one’s self through success. Or at least this is what I have come to understand. In American society everyone strives to make something out of themselves, jumping at the opportunity to make themselves rich. Although only the successful actually attain this dream its still was a very good motivator for immigrants and Americans alike. The American dream affected how most laws were made. With the way the government is set up the people who govern the country have to think about what is best for the average citizen. Due to this America is one of the only places on earth where a government should fear its citizens, although on a side note I think that all governments should fear their citizens. The laws were and still are made with the benefits of the average citizen in mind but the benefit the elite slightly more than the

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