Causes Of American Imperialism

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European imperialism began again due to the many technological advances and increased feeling of nationalism. Many forces caused the new imperialism such as the overproduction of goods, increased pride for one’s own country, and the need to expand territory and spread Christianity. One factor of the start of imperialism was the increased supply of goods and demand for raw materials. The demand “of giant industries for colonial raw materials” increased and those who desired these raw materials publicly supported imperialism (D #1). Since these people were crucial to the economy, people tended to agree with their opinions. American factories were “producing more than they can consume” so they wanted to sell their excess materials and set up trading posts all around the world (D #2). Since Americans already had the materials they needed, doing this could only help them. These economic forces played a big part in the start of imperialism and benefitted America.…show more content…
Many European countries had an increased sense of nationalism, or pride for their country. The British believed that they were “the finest race in the world, and the more of the world [they] inhabit, the better…” (D #4). Britain believed, as a country that capturing other countries would be beneficial. Many countries also felt that they could “uplift and civilize” other countries by capturing and influencing them (D #7). Since the entire country of Britain supported imperialism, the government didn’t have to worry about any backlash in its own
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