Argumentative Essay: America Is Not Only A Country

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America is not a set idea or definition, but is a combination of many diverse people and their cultures. The basis of this country is identified through its diversity and the freedom in which every person posses. People come to this country to develop a better life for themselves and in hopes of one day achieving the “American Dream.” America is not only a country, but also an idea that is one of the most prevalent in out world. America as a country consists of many parts that all fit together as one. One of the first parts that actually make a country a country are the people that make it up. People come from all over the world to become part of this country and contribute anything that they possibly can. America has a lot to give to…show more content…
Patriotism, Dignity, and Economy are all words that are tossed around when America comes to mind. An idea that is probably the most common is the idea of and “American Dream.” Sometimes this dream can be fictitious, because it applies to people in so many different ways. Once again it isn’t a set standard because nobody is the same and we all have different dreams. This idea is that of a modern and stylish community where dreams are influenced by appearances and our possessions. This is something that we all have come to accept to be a very American idea. From Bono’s quote, he states that America isn’t just a country, but an idea. I think that America is also a way of life. America has defined so many things such as music, fashion, entertainment, and even food. We only take the best and combine them together to make something that no one has seen before. We’re very original and this is a good reason why the whole world looks to America because they never know what we will make next. America is a great country that I believe is the heart of our world. We are the land of the free and home to a very brave and diverse group of people. America is a country through its people and an idea through its dreams. It is always changing and will always be a modern and stylish nation. America is one of a kind and one that will never be able to be

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