Enlightened American Values

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MBOGO .W. APOLLO ( MOI UNIVERSITY, KENYA) Instructors’ name Course name Date of submission Enlightened American Values Comparison The two works presented represents the values of two different groups of people. Both the American and the English values are contradictory as presented by the works. For instance, the work presented by Richard Hakluyt is intended to justify the position of the England colonizing the Americans. On the other hand, the representation of the American values as shown in the inaugural address of President John F.Kennedy is meant to spark off humane values for the citizens. The era of enlightenment in America brought a lot of changes especially to the general life of the people. Enlightenment was a very critical process through which the success as well as the progress of America was based upon. It formed a foundation through which the development of all sectors of America such as political, religious and social aspects was initiated. Throughout a long period of time, the values instilled have formed a crucial part of America’s development and it’s relative to people of all walks of life. Without the enlightenment period, the central ideas and values in general helped to shape the country from the formative years (Ellis, 1976). During and after the American Revolution, most of the core ideas became vital in the progress of American governance. For instance, the constitution and the declaration of independence. Concepts such as the natural rights, freedom from oppression, and revitalized ways of thinking about the government and its structure came from the enlightenment period. The aim of the two works is to strive and perpetuate good lives for the members of their own countries. The colonization process as presented by Hakluyt is helpful to the England citizens in three major ways. First, they will be able to plant the spirit of
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