David Kemp's Essay: Summary Of Rethinking The American Dream

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Alex Rau Prof. Hawthorne 11/4/10 Summary of Rethinking the American Dream Everyone has their own way of looking at the American dream. Some see it as a picture of a little nice house with a white picket fence, the father is cooking on the grill, and the mother is bringing ice cold lemonade out for the kids that are playing in the yard. Others see it as living in a mansion, with all the money in the world, and not a worry in their minds. In the article Rethinking the American Dream, writer David Kemp shows vision, real life situations, and facts about past and present ways of life. The Declaration of Independence gives us the opportunity to live the American dream. With Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, the Declaration change the way of life in America forever. It practically was a mascot for the United States. The lives of people today might have more trouble finding a solution to the American dream, but it is still a reachable goal for every citizen of the United States. The past 3-5 years have been particular tough on the people of America. There have been many jobs that have been lost due to the recession.…show more content…
Things such as a nice house, a well developed family that gets along great, money, and other minor things that can make a big difference on your lifestyle. Many of the sitcoms were even shot in California; therefore, it showed an atmosphere that you could only imagine in your head. People say that the American dream is a unreachable goal, it is set on such high standards that make it impossible to achieve. The reason people say this is because it is supposed to make you try harder on reaching the goal, causing you too make your life the best it possibly can

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