Becoming American By Dinesh D'souza Summary

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People struggle determining what the American Dream is. No one can clearly define what the American dream is but can only describe what it means to them. Many say the American Dream is coming to America to have the many opportunities and live their lives in riches. Others demonstrate that the American Dream is being treated fairly and equally, no matter what race, color skin, and family they come from. Those who are blessed enough to be born in a life of wealth and comfortable livelihood may not be able to grasp the meaning of the American Dream, but others who struggle in life and are restrained by the opportunities that did not come their way, tend to understand what the American Dream is. Dinesh D’Souza, author of “Becoming American,” firmly grasps the meaning and idea behind the American Dream. Born in India, D’Souza is a witness and a victim of economic differences. Immigrating to America with his family, D’Souza is able to enjoy all the wonderful experiences the American Dream has to offer. Although D’Souza, Wright, and Cofer all have…show more content…
Growing up as a Latin woman in New Jersey during the 1960s, Cofer talks about all the stereotypes she encounters. She talks about how being a Puerto Rican, people always categorize her as being a Maria or a waitress. She perceives stereotype as an offense and is not able to deal with it at an early age. Cofer describes a moment in her life that she will never forget. When Cofer attended her first public poetry reading, Cofer says that, “She ordered a cup of coffee from me, assuming that I was the waitress” (350). Cofer explicitly remembers an older woman ordering coffee from her because she thought the poems Cofer is holding were menus. Cofer’s American Dream is to allow people to achieve their American Dream without regard to their skin color, accent or

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