Rhetorical Analysis Essay On The American Dream

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The American Dream The American dream is different from person to person. It is about hope, and about being able to live out your dreams. It is about liberty and freedom. The Americans think that every person has the opportunity to create his own fortune and wealth. This also means that if you are poor or you could not find out to make some money it is your own problem. It is the opportunity and freedom for all citizens to achieve their goals and become famous and rich if only they work hard enough. Even though the American Dream is different from person to person it has changed through time. The first settlers from Europe hoped for freedom of religion. It was mostly the poor people who used all their money on getting to America because they wanted to start a new life – to start from scratch and to have a life with…show more content…
These are all things that make America famous. But Obama wants USA to become more like European countries because he thinks they need to try something new. Obama talks about hope, about how the American people can do extraordinary things if they stand together – united. As a speaker Obama uses a lot of Pathos and a little less Ethos. He appeals to our feelings of being united, about victory, about how he will try to unite this country with his victory. He uses the Pathos to tell us about how he will be the president of our dreams. This makes him sound so trustworthy that he does not need a lot of logos. He does not have to come up with reason or logic. He needs no boring facts about how it goes and people trust him even though. This makes Obama a fantastic speaker. The main goal of the speech is to tell the people once more what he stands for and he explains how thankful he is that he has been chosen for their candidate. He appeals to the 2 sides of the political view to stand united so that they can fix and change the problems they have in The United
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