The American Dream: Andrew Carnegie And John D. Rockefeller

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Being an American does not simply mean living in the United States. It means being loyal, courageous, and hard working. American strive for achievement of the American Dream; to be free, happy, and successful. It also means having the ability to question all of those things. Americans build their morals, ideals, and lives around the idea of freedom. America is known as the land of opportunity. When an American has the chance to obtain something great, they they take it. Americans look for the shortcut to success. A lot of times, this leads to a lot of corruption within the U.S. Such as the case of Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller. Both were very smart and clever business men, but to obtain this wealth, each man committed corrupt actions. Both men turned their businesses into monopolies. A monopoly is when one company makes a good, product, service, etc. with no competition. At the time, these acts were not illegal until President Teddy Roosevelt. Throughout all of the trust busts, Rockefeller and Carnegie fought to keep their monopolies, which were a very corrupt way to achieve success and money. Many Americans take their freedoms and rights for granted. Although America it the land of the free, many Americans don’t realize how good they have it. In other countries, you cannot…show more content…
America intervenes in many wars that it should not have. America has a past of fighting for freedom and wanting to prove itself to powerful European countries. Ever since gaining their independence in 1776, Americans have felt the need to prove themselves in the world stage and feel important to the rest of the world. Americans are power hungry, and want to help others just for the selfish need of wanting to appear like good samaritans. They donate to other countries and the needy in hopes of getting recognized and applauded for good deeds, never simply just for the good feeling of helping another human

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