Why Was Henry V so Successful in France?

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Why was Henry V so succesful in France 1415- 1422? Henry V was succesful in eventually getting what he always wanted, The Treaty of Troyes in France in many ways. His leadership and belief from early on that he would succeed in getting what he wanted thrived on, taking him and his men through Harfleur, Agincourt and furthermore gaining more land in France. His success began early on with his preperations for his frist invasion. Due to Henry being popular parliament were willing to help finance his invasion. He proved himself a worthy King from the very beginning by personally sening letters asking for help from religious communities and individuals asking for help with his plans. This shows from an early stage that Henry doesn't hold back. His organisation skills from the very early stages led him to being so successful in France as a whole as if he had just jumped straight in with trying to take over France at once, he wouldn't have stood a chance or gained credibility from his men and the French men. Gaining cedibility and respect was very important to Henry. He even showed this within his own men, by ordering very strict discipline among them to prevent them from stealing and taking advantage of their situation in France. If any of his men were caught stealing, especially from the church, they were hung. This shows Henrys extreme discipline and respect to the Church and God. All this is part of his 'propaganda war' to appear a good and deserving leader of France by maintaining the moral high ground. Constantly focusing on maintaing the moral high ground makes a big impact on how successful Henry was. From early on he goes along with the seige even though most of his men were suffering from dystentry; he still manages to inspire them even though they were extremely ill. Once Henry had captured Harfleur he was confident enough to write a letter to the
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