Rhetorical Analysis Of Nixon's Speech

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I chose this speech for its significance in history, as well as its influence on Nixon’s political standing at the time. He was a very powerful public speaker, as well as running mate and Vice President for Dwight Eisenhower. Nixon makes very powerful points though out his entire speech to show that he is in the right, and the charges against him and his party are being wrongfully made. Nixon’s greatest quality as a public speaker is his ability to sway the crowd with his charisma, and sincerity. His speech reached the people, and made them listen. It makes you believe what he says because of the way he presents it and it does its job. The speech is a persuasive one to make the population see the charges in a new way and understand what the money in question was used for. He gives them information to change their opinions on the matter which is exactly what a persuasive speech is designed to do. Nixon begins his speech by stating that he will not lie, or deny the charge brought against him without going into specific detail. He states that he will be honest and tell only facts to the public to clear his name and get his side of the story…show more content…
He lays everything down in front of them to see. This kind of honesty and sincerity that he shows to the people is a new form of persuasion. Nixon’s persuasion skills made this speech a successful one, which has stuck with people even today. He used his words effectively, and did the job of refuting most if not all of the questions presenting themselves because of the funds that were donated. His final thoughts that he leaves with the people reinforce his main points, and put his full support behind his decisions and his running mate Eisenhower. With a promise made to the people, he will do all that he can to better America for its
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