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Pride is found in every American, no matter what age, gender, race, color or creed. One must say their words proudly, and take pride in every written word, and the founding fathers did just that. Pride is not only the foundation of some of America’s most significant documents, but also the drive for America’s most influential figures. I know personally, I take great pride in everything I do. Anyone who has ever written a paper, sang a song, run a race or anything of the sort knows that when you are finally finished, your accomplishment feels so much more significant if you really gave your all. Conversely, a loss, taken in pride always trumps a win taken bitterly. Every time I do any schoolwork, or write an essay, much like this one, I make…show more content…
This document embodied everything America had built up until that point. (Infrastructure, government systems, etc.) The citizens had worked hard to prove to its mother country that they could be independent. No longer would the Americans be oppressed, but rather proud of what they had accomplished. As Jefferson wrote each eloquent word, its apparent that he was proud of what his fellow Americans had accomplished. Fitting with The Declaration of Independence, I chose Thomas Jefferson as my historical figure. I believe he embodies all that pride is, from his freedom fighting, right down to his appearance. Jefferson, intelligent and elegant, never stopped fighting for the rights that he knew every man had proudly deserved. Thomas Jefferson once said, “Action will delineate and define you.” Pride in your actions, pride in your words, and pride in yourself all make for real success and Thomas Jefferson knew, and lived with that mindset. Being proud in everything we do as Americans is the foundation of success. Your personal best is all you can ever accomplish and once you’ve done that, you can rest easy in knowing great rewards come with hard work. We see proof of this in every aspect of American life, a lifestyle that was built from the ground up on

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