President Roosevelt Tactics to Heal Economy Dbq

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During the Great Depression, President Roosevelt used several revolutionary tactics to heal the suffering American economy. These tactics, the providing of public service jobs, the movement for social security and the implementation of a "blanket code" for workers rights, had great success and greatly revolutionized the role of the federal government. The providing of public service jobs (the New Deal) was the tactic that served to heal the most daunting problem in American society, unemployment (document J). In 1935 the Roosevelt administration created the WPA to help employ Americans for publicly funded projects such as "city beautification." As seen in Document J this jobs did help to greatly lower the percentage of unemployed between 1935 and 1938. Although the work of the WPA did not completely solve the enormous problem it was certainly a move in the right direction, bringing the USA closer to the complete extermination of the unemployment problem, which was finally achieved after the second world war. This New Deal, fueled by organizations such as the WPA, completely revolutionized the role of the federal government. Coxey had advocated for actions similar to the new deal decades before but his ideas were shut down because the government had such close ties with big. However now, in such drastic times, the federal government realized that it needed to help the common people directly through providing more Jobs. Roosevelt and the federal government also established social security. Social security, established in 1935 when Roosevelt endorsed the Social Security Act, was insurance for the unemployed and elderly, supplying them with a monthly payment. This was put into place by the government and advertised similarly to Document E to help stabilize the welfare of the American people. At the enactment of social security was considered a very extreme move
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