German Immigration and the Development of the Beer Industry in America.

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German Immigration and the Development of the Beer Industry in America. The most noted reason why Germans had left their homeland for America were varied. Some would say intolerable economic conditions in the German states and a desire for improvement in the shortest time as possible was one of the foremost reasons for the coming of Germans to America. Not only where the pauperize people were coming to America. There were many of the comparatively prosperous who also came; to better themselves economically. They had heard of how easy it was to proliferate one's riches in America, and with an archetypal German interest in making the most of circumstances, some of the families embarked to seek a greater fortune in the new world. A second notable reason for the coming of the Germans was the religious persecution of the Lutherans and Protestants. While the Midwest received many liberal-minded Germans, it also acquired many of Germany's most ebullient conservatives. In 1817 King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia decreed a unification of the Lutheran and Reformed churches in Prussia, and his action was accompanied by the rulers of several of the smaller German states. Compared to previous oppressions the methods were relatively mild, but the result was that entire congregations came to America, lock, stock, and barrel, in order that they could worship God without intrusion from the state. Another important reason for the German immigration was the demand of long military service. During the first half of the nineteenth century, young German men were forced to serve up to five years in the army for the substantial sum of four cents a day. The army was full of privation for those who were not among the officer rank. In order to evade military service, some peasants recourse to various methods, such as cutting off a finger or toe. Other young men favored to leave
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