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The Article, “For Mitt Romney, the election hinges on the middle class”, focuses on the tactics in which Mitt Romney needs to perform in order to win the middle class votes of the Americans. According to the article, 90% of the American people consider themselves to be members of the middle class. In order for Mitt Romney to have a strong chance of winning the election he needs to have the majority behind him. Mitt Romney is a very successful businessman and has obtained much wealth to his name. Although, he is a part of the small percentage of the upper class in America his main focus for the election is to appeal to the middle-class as a devoted family man who is seeking to lower their struggles. This will appeal to the emotions of the American people, and if you can capture their hearts then you can capture their votes. This article speaks about the topics of tax rates, more jobs, better training programs and the unemployed. These are probably the most important issues in the United States of America today. Many struggle to make ends meet because of the strong threshold that…show more content…
His main focus should be appealing to the middle-class Americans since they take up a majority of the population and seem to have the most struggles out of all the classes. Obama has appealed to the lower class a great deal and has probably locked in most of their votes which is why it is so necessary to focus on the classes that he knows he can win. Overall, whoever can come up with a stronger economic plan to help recover our nation will end up winning. However, the emotions of the American people are where any candidate should want to win their people over because Americans will follow their heart and if their heart is telling them which president is going to make their lives the best possible then that’s the way they will

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