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Corey Johnson ENG 102-250 House of Sand and Fog Do you sympathize more with Kathy or with Colonel Behraini in the movie? In the movie, House of Sand and Fog the character I sympathized most with was Colonel Behrani. Behrani came to the United States in search of a better life for his family. He was an honest working man who worked for what he desired. He purchased the house with his hard earned money, and tried to increase his profits by trying to resell the home at a higher rate. This is a classic example of being a good businessman. In these harsh economic times, you must always remember to spend money to make money and Behrani was trying to do just that. Although it was sad and unjust what happened to Kathy, she should have been taking care of her financial business within the home. She only owed 500 dollars in Business Tax, which in reality she didn’t really owe. All she had to do was communicate properly with the county in which she did not. The contested ownership of the house on Bisgrove Street is the fulcrum of the movie’s plot. Who in your opinion owns the house once Behrani has paid cash for it? What would be a fair solution to the conflict? The proper owner for the home in the movie was indeed Kathy. It was the error of the County that tried to enforce her to pay taxes in which she never owed. Regardless of the fact Behrani paid cash for the home, it never was legally his to begin with. The best solution for all people in terms of the home would have been the County to properly correct it. They should have voided Behrani’s contract out, and paid him what he paid for it in addition to maybe 10 or 15 percent extra for emotional damages he may have endured. It may not have been what Behrani wanted, but he would have had no choice but to accept it. Does Behrani take life too

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