His Excellency George Washington

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His Excellency George Washington Taina Ferrer Dual Credit 11th Grade U.S. History George Washington was known for being an international icon of freedom and liberty, but how much do people really know about him? Joseph John Ellis succeeded in telling us this by focusing on the man behind the monument instead of just writing another George Washington encyclopedia. Joseph John Ellis was the author of His Excellency George Washington. Ellis was an American historian and professor at Mount Holyoke College who focused on the lives of the Founding Fathers of America. He won a Pulitzer Prize for his book Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation and he also won a National Book Award for his book American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson, which were both bestsellers. This book examined the life and endeavors of the first President of the United States, General George Washington. In the book, Ellis covered three main parts of Washington’s life, his military feats in the French and Indian War, his achievements as a general during the American Revolution, and his terms as President of the United States all the way to his death in 1799. This book would be a delightful read for anyone who was looking to broaden their knowledge of George Washington or to dispel any of the famous myths about him also. For example, Washington never chopped down a cherry tree to prove to his father that he could not tell a lie or that he also never threw a silver dollar across the Potomac River. Ellis also made sure to not only cover the aspects of Washington’s life, but to also capture the way his personality influenced the decisions that he made in his life. Washington first appeared in 1753 as a 21-year-old emissary for the governor of Virginia, Robert Dinwiddie. He was given the task from Dinwiddie to confront the French army at the Ohio River Valley which would mark
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