Is Our Constitution Relevant Today Essay

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James Madison, the father of our constitution, provided us with probably the most important document in the history of the united states during its time.Our founding fathers, people who owned slaves and thought people of being cynical, created the constitution.Replacing the Articles of Confederation, it provided a strong central government where government power was separated and given checks and balances so that government would not get as big and powerful like britain did.Now in the twenty first century, where social structure has changed, technology has become king, and the amount of amendments to the constitution are numerous,is the constitution relevant? It is easy to say that the constitution is very old, two hundred and twenty five years old.…show more content…
The constitution contains our unalienable rights that protects us from government. The bill of rights spell out for every american what they can do within the realm of their freedom. Our constitution is our structure. The three branches of government and the checks and balances are all still fundamental in the running of america.But there are outdated sections of it that need to be reguvinated, that need to be discussed for the betterment of our government.It need to declare issues like heathcare and an economic plan so that the country can have a clear path to walk through. It seems like america is too proud to let go of its constitution, it has become a historical trophy for our government that sits and collects dust.We must re-draft the constitution,keeping some fundamental sections but reforming parts that no longer are important, and to add sections that have become a part of america.The action of even questioning the relevance of the constitution, shows the old and non functional nature of the constitution. There has been too much reform and too many amendments to the constitution. Its time for the constitution to become
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