Apple Inc and Organizing

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Organizing Apple Inc. has three main organizational goals that helps make them the world’s most valuable company. These three organizational goals are: 1. “Apple Inc. plans to keep creating and releasing computers and consumer electronics that are more user-friendly.” (Training and Development Program for Apple Inc., page 7) 2. “Apple Inc. will focus on opening more stores even on international locations to help increase in sales.” (Training and Development Program for Apple Inc., page 7) 3. Another objective of apple is innovation. Steve jobs in one of his famous quotes said: “Pretty much, Apple and Dell are the only ones in this industry making money. They make it by being Wal-Mart. We make it by innovation.” (Steve Jobs Quotes, sec.2) Apple is a general example of a departmentalized structure. Apple distributes work flow into three main divisions of tasks that include hardware, software engineering, and retail. The departments are organized by which types of product they specialize in order to maximize efficiency. For example in the software engineering dept. they branch out in teams to work on iOS (iphone, ipod, ipad ect) and MacOSX software. One team works on iOS which is then broken down into sub teams that work on iOS UI, iOS development, and software bugs. Having distributed work flow allows for engineering teams to successfully produce quality products in a timely manner and sophisticated form. Apple is known for its extreme "OCD" on product quality. That attribute is something that allows the company to have a chronological order of releasing its new products. At the top of Apple’s organizational chart is the CEO, Tim Cook who also serves on its Board of Directors. As CEO, Tim Cook oversees the day to day tasks across the company. Under the leadership of Tim Cook, Apple has developed an extremely efficient and effective supply chain.

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