Analysis of Ulta Beauty Corporation

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Analysis of Ulta Beauty Company Name Institution Analysis of Ulta Beauty Company Introduction Ulta Beauty Company is a well-known corporation based in the United States that offers more than 200,000 products to its client base. The firm specialises cosmetics such as fragrances, hair care, skin, general body, salon, and styling products that have great access to the retail market (Gottfried, 2011). The company has recorded significant growth and recognition owing to its competitive advantage over the other players in the local and international market. Ulta Beauty has over 715 retail stores in more than 50 States in the U.S. with a great consumer base. The corporation has a strong internal environment that makes it succeed in its business venture, which shuns away other players while maintaining both profitability and competitiveness. Its main competitors include Regis Slaons, Macy’s, and Sephora. In this regard, this paper seeks to analyse the company’s potential by scrutinising the internal environment, corporate resources, competence, and other attributes that depict its strength and weaknesses in under the SWOT analysis. Internal Environmental Analysis The company has adopted various measures that enhance its competitive nature embracing different procedures and policies. It has also improved the management department by providing suitable measures that define goals and objectives of the company for it to attain increased returns (Fukuoka et al., 2012). In concern to this, the company has set up appropriate policies that govern the human resource department that defines recruitment procedures, maintenance of qualified personnel while at the same time ensuring the productivity of the workforce. Moreover, the company has laid down favourable management policies with suitable accounting policies and other

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