What Is the Key Factor That Makes Lush Successful in the Uk?

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What is the key factor that makes Lush successful in the UK? Introduction Lush is a cosmetics retailer in the United Kingdom which manufactures and sells products related to cosmetics. It is known for its handmade pattern as well as the use of fresh ingredients. At first, Lush was only a small store set up in Poole, England in the 1970s, but it soon developed into one of the most successful UK companies in decades. By now, Lush has over 900 stores, located in more than 50 countries worldwide (lushcountries.com, 2014). Recently, with the increasingly fierce competition of the cosmetics market, many cosmetics companies attach similar labels such as fresh or organic to their products in order to enhance competitiveness. Most of them, however, could not surpass the achievements of Lush. Therefore the aim of this paper is to identify the dominant factor that makes Lush such a successful retailer in this industry. This paper begins with an illustration and analysis of several factors that make a contribution to the success of Lush, followed by a comparison between Lush and its competitor, The Body Shop, and will conclude with an evaluation of the key factor. Core concept of Lush: freshest and handmade The first factor that makes Lush well-known among customers is their core concept of “freshest and handmade”. On the one hand, “freshest” means, for example, the workers of the research and development department will bring fresh fruits, vegetables as well as flowers back to their laboratories to do experiments which assist their manufacture process, that is to say, all the products of Lush are made from natural and fresh ingredients. Statistics have shown that the products of Lush are 100 percent vegetarian, 74 percent vegan and 65 percent preservative-free (goodlifelivinggreen.com, 2008). This “freshest” concept is the essential principle of Lush whenever they open a

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