Southern Company Case Study

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Southern Company is an entity that administers its personnel in an exemplary manner. In particular, it has leaders who embrace strategies that increase performance. Moreover, the strategies in Southern Company ensure that there is desirable management of employee talent. However, there are numerous alternative ways to achieve effective results in this company. This is because the existing strategies pose numerous disadvantages. Therefore, they fail to achieve desirable management of talent in the organization. Finally, the Southern Company has functional expertise, which increases the chances of the company identifying appropriate human resources for its electric utility activities. “Evaluate the effectiveness of the roles that the strategic leaders played in the formation of the performance management strategy”. There was a deliberate improvement in the entire leadership of the company. The improvement was strategic because it enabled the corporation achieve better achievement. Consequently, the effectiveness of this step to empower leaders concentrated on the suggestions in management books. “The Leadership Pipeline”, is a book that encouraged Southern Company leaders to diversify their strategies. The leaders also determined the respective results that they needed to achieve in order to improve performance (Kandula, 2006). Indeed, this strategy was effective because it enabled the strategic leaders to form desirable and applicable strategies in managing their respective talents. In addition, the strategic leaders ensured there was an implementation of a plan that would increase their performance. For example, the plan entailed the formation of certain guidelines. Consequently, the guidelines focused on how to improve the performance of management. The effectiveness of this strategy was the creation of order in the delivery of managerial responsibilities. For
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