Coors Solution Essay

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Running Head: CASE STUDY The Coors Case: Balanced Scorecard Objective of Implementing Balanced Scorecard The main objective of implementing the balanced scorecard (BSC) in the Coors is to implement an effective performance measurement process as traditional process is not quite effective to measure the performance of the corporate and business units. The main objective to implement BSC in the organization is to increase the focus on continuous improvement. The other objective of the business is to reward the employees on their performance and also for their risk taking ability and learning to improve performance. The BSC will also be effective to state the employees about the opportunity and reward for their working clearly. The gap between the vision statement and sic planks of the Coors also supports the implementation of BSC within the organization as it would be effective to bridge the gap and to increase the business profitability. The business strategies of Coors are focused on improvement in quality and services and to boost the profitability of the business. The BSC would cause an increase in the skills of the people and will facilitate a teamwork and coordination. The increase in the skills of the people will be effective to increase the product quality and services of the organization that would cause an increase in profitability and market share. It will also be effective to bridge the gap between the vision statement and supply chain guiding principles of the Operation & Technology department. The strategies of the department are more concerned towards the improvement in the overall process rather than focusing on improvement in the quality and services (Grove, Cook & Richter). The BSC includes different perspectives that would be effective to link the vision and strategies in the organization. There are
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