Unit 210 Improve Own Performance

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1.1) The purpose is to become a better all rounded employee for the company thus benefiting the company with better output from yourself. The benefits of improving own performance is not only do you become a creditable asset to the company but you also become a better credit to yourself. Another benefit is that with continuously improving own performance the skills you learn will make every day to day work easier and result in getting work done quicker with less stress. If you’re always learning new skills it makes it easier to adapt to an ever changing business environment. 1.2) Feedback comes in all different way but are almost always positive in some way. Even mistakes can be positive feedback in the sense that you can then learn from…show more content…
Development benefits organisations because they can use you’re skill to better their company which in the long run betters you as you then get praise and promotion later on in you’re carrer. With this promotion people will give you more respect and say into how the organisation runs rather than just doing what you’re told. Further development and showing you can use these knew skills to the best of you’re ability shows you’re an all rounded good employee which benefits everybody. 1.6) there are all different routes depending on the career you choose and the routes you go down. In the RAF where you start is very important to where you end up, saying that some people (often very ambitious people) do change their careeer route if for example they’ve reached the highest rank or feel they can do better. Examples of career routes in the RAF are: Leave school ------ Join up ------ Leanr skills on the job ------ Improve youself to get promotion Go on to do further education ---- Join up at a later stage with a degree ------ Use the skills you learn As an officer from degree for

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