Governance and Leadership

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Table of contents 1. Introduction 1 2. Understanding Organizational Leadership 2 3. Understanding Governance 3 4. How leaders affects governance. Differences and similitudes between Leadership and governance. 4 5. Compare and contrast Leader and Executive manager 5 6. Governance and organizational outcome 6 7. Leadership development and followership. 8 8. Conclusion. 9 9. Reference list. 10 1.Introduction. Employees management have become a basic resource which different types of companies are carried out in organizations. The reason is because of the potential for groups to create better quality outcomes that workers working individually. As the use of group of work has increased in firms, considerable investigations has focused on the role of leadership and governance in fostering group performance. The general literature about leadership, governance and its the development has resulted broad and fragmented. The principal aim of this research was to present a concise view of the factor that involve governance and leadership using a systematic literature review approach. This research will try to explain the relevance of the leader’s role in the effective governance organisations and how depending the role-played can alter the organizational outcomes. As a second aim, this essay will introduce the concepts “leadership” and “governance” showing the similarities and differences of both concepts to distinguish between its role and development. For this reason, research pretends to discuss these concepts to full understand the significance of governance and leadership within companies. In addition, a third aim was to expose the differences between a manager and a leader because both concepts are interrelated but also

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